Department of Biophysics

Research Projects

S.No. Title of Project and Sanction Letter No Sponsor / Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount (Rs. in Lakhs) Tenure / Duration Supervisor / Principal Investigator / Co-Supervisor Number of Manpower / Research Fellows Brief Objective
1.  Ameliorating burn wound management with HNP-1 loaded mesoporous silica nanoparticles: A therapeutic approach
DST SERB 34.70 2023-2026 Dr. Simran Preet / NA 1 To develop a potent topical therapeutic arsenal encompassing a woung healing peptide in a non toxic mesh network targeting the wound environment directly.
2.  Development of a novel antibacterial and antibiofilm coating for biomaterial implants and medical devices
ICMR 31.30 2022 - 2025 Dr. Avneet Saini / Prof. Kusum Harjai 1 • In-silico peptide designing and structural characterization • In-vitro biovalidation of the designed AMPs • Formulation and in-vitro validation of peptide-based biomaterial coating • Establishing the efficacy in in-vivo models
3.  Development and biovalidation of a sustainable Antimicrobial peptide conjugated Collagen Scaffold against infectious bacterial pathogens.
DST UT 1.20 2022 - 2023 Dr. Avneet Saini / Dr. Ravneet Kaur 1 1. Extraction and characterization of collagen from the scales of exotic carp 2. Development of Antimicrobial peptide conjugated Fish Collagen scaffold 3. In vitro biovalidation of designed scaffold
4.  Development of a human neutrophil peptide (HNP-1) functionalized antimicrobial catheter against Escheria coli mediated urinary tract infection
ICMR 47.00 2020-2023 Dr. Simran Preet / Prof. Praveen Rishi 1 To counter the increasing pathogenesis of E.Coli mediated urinary tract infection post insertion of catheters. Hence, a neutrophil peptide coated catheter development for the purpose of E.Coli eradication in the UTIs.
5.  Aptamer conjugated Teriparatide loaded PLGA/PHBV nanocarriers mediated delivery coners an effective treatment for osteoporosis
DHR 54.00 2023-26 Dr. Ravi Pratap Barnwal / Prof. Sanjay K Bhadada 1 A novel targeted treatment and it development for osteoporosis patients
6.  Evaluation of a colon targeted nisin loaded nanoformulation for anticancer therapy
DST CHD 1.50 2022- 2023 Dr. Simran Preet / Dr. Avneet Saini 1 To formulate a targeted oral delievery cargo system comprising a novel anticancer peptide
7.  Anticancer therapeutic efficacy of human neutrophil peptide 1 (HNP-1) against 7,12- Dimethylbenzen(a)anthracene (DMBA) induced breast cancer
DST INSPIRE 17.00 2021-2026 Dr. Simran Preet / NA 1 To establish the anticancer role of human neutrophil peptide against breast cancer in an in vivo system
8.  In-silico Design and Biovalidation of Novel Peptides/Peptidomimetics: An Advanced Approach Towards Anticancer Regimen
RUSA 3.50 1 year Dr. Avneet Saini / NA 1 1. In- silico design of novel anticancer peptides/peptidomimetics 2. Structural characterization 3. In - vitro validation
9.  Targeted co-delivery of nisin coated cisplatin enriched solid lipid nanoparticles against murine skin cancer
DST INSPIRE 17.00 2020-2025 Dr. Simran Preet / NA 1 To develop solid lipid nanoparticle of an anticancer peptide for the targeted delivery against skin cancer.
10.  Studies on synergistic potential of human intestinal defensin-5 in conjunction with 5-Fluorouracil against 1,2-dimethylhydrazine dihydrochloride induced colon cancer
ICMR-Direct SRF 10.22 2021-2023 Dr. Simran Preet / NA 1 To establish strong combinatorial role of HD-5 in conjunction with 5-FU against colon cancer in vivo as well as in vitro.
11.  Diagnostic potential of electrical impedance analyser for bone health detection
DST 32.00 2020-23 Prof. M. L. Garg / 2 Diagnostic potential of electrical impedance analyser for bone health detection
12.  Serum Metallothionein level determination using a cost-effective impedimetric immunosensor
Seed Fund - FKOL 1.00 2020-21 Prof. M. L. Garg / 3 Serum Metallothionein level determination using a cost-effective impedimetric immunosensor
13.  Insilico identification and experimental validation of novel chemical chaperones for preventing amyloid aggregations and rescue cognitive behavior in Alzheimer’s disease rat model
DST 48.00 2020-2023 Dr.Tanzeer Kaur / Dr.Neelima Dhingra 1 1. Identification of lead chaperones in silico. 2. Chemical Synthesis of lead chaperones 3. In vitro activity studies 4. In vivo activity studies
14.  Development of a novel nisin loaded organogel system: A topical therapeutic approach against skin cancer
DST SERB 43.00 2017- 2020 Dr. Simran Preet / NA 1 To develop a novel topical dual cargo delivery sytem encompassing both peptide and chemodrug against skin cancer
15.  Evaluation of therapeutic potential of human intestinal alpha defensin 5 against colorectal cancer
DST SERB 30.50 2015- 2018 Dr. Simran Preet / NA 1 To establish HD-5 as a strong anticolon cancer peptide

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