Department of Biophysics


Sponsor Title Funds Sanctioned Duration PI and Research team
Seed Fund - FKOL Serum Metallothionein level determination using a cost-effective impedimetric immunosensor Rs 1 Lacs 2020-2021 Dr M.L. Garg, Dr B.P. Mohanty, Shamli (Scholar)
DST Diagnostic potential of electrical impedance analyser for bone health detection Rs 32 Lacs 2020-2023 Prof M.L. Garg, Dr Payal Bhardwaj
DST-CSRI Studies on the consequences and prevention of the intra cellular amyloid B- aggregation and cognitive decline in progression of Alzheimer’s disease Rs 18 Lacs 2019-2021 Prof Bimla Nehru (PI), Dr Avneet Saini (Co-PI), Dr Sheetal Sharma (NPDF)
DST WOS-B Development of peptide functionalized antifouling graphitic nano coating Approved 2021-2024 Dr Avneet Saini (PI), Shubhi Joshi (WOS)
DRDO Design and Development of Novel Peptides/Peptoids against selected pathogens. Defense Research and Development Organization Rs 59.5 Lacs 2017-2021 Dr Avneet Saini (PI), Dr Neha Singla (Co-PI), Dr Praveen Rishi (Co-PI)
UGC-BSR Design and Bio validation of novel antimicrobial peptides 2016-2020 Dr Avneet Saini (PI), Dr Simran Preet (Co-PI), Pratibha Sharma (SRF)
DST-Inspire Targeted co-delivery of nisin coated cisplatin enriched solid lipid nanoparticles against murine skin cancer model Rs 4.5 Lac per year 2021-2025 Dr Simran Preet (PI), Jasleen (JRF)
ICMR-SRF Studies on synergistic potential of human intestinal defensin 5 in conjunction with 5-Fluorouracil against 1,2-dimethylhydrazine dihydrochloride induced colon cancer 2021-2023 Dr Simran Preet (PI), Anshul (JRF)
ICMR Structure based discovery of novel chemical chaperone compounds targeting alpha synuclein aggregations for the treatment of Parkinsonsdisease Rs 36 Lacs 2019-2022 Dr. Tanzeer Kaur (PI), Dr. Neelima Dhingra (UIPS) (Co-PI)
DST-CSRI In silico identification and experimental validationof novel chemical chaperones for preventingamyloid aggregations and rescue cognitivebehavior in Alzheimer’s disease rat model Rs 48 Lacs 2020-2023 Dr. Tanzeer Kaur (PI), Dr. Neelima Dhingra (UIPS) (Co-PI)
UGC UGC Start up Rs. 6.0 Lacs 2018-2020 Dr. Ravi P Barnwal, PI
SERB Cloning and expression of Rna14-Pcf11-Clp1 complex for biophysical studies. Rs. 45.7 Lacs 2018-2021 Dr. Ravi P Barnwal, PI
DBT Functional dynamics study in RNA thermometer. Rs 65.4 Lacs 2018-2021 Dr. Ravi P Barnwal, PI and Dr. Gurpal Singh Co-PI
DST-UT Development of gold nanoparticle based lateral flow detetection kit for Vitamin D deficiency. Rs 1.5 Lacs 2019-2020 Dr. Gurpal Singh, PI and Drs. Bhoop Singh Bhoop, Ravi P Barnwal and Neha Singla, Co-PI
DST Indo-Egypt Novel nano-structured enabled drug delivery system for the treatment of taupathy in animal model. Approved 2020-2023 Dr. Gurpal Singh, PI and Drs. Ravi P Barnwal and Neha Singla, Co-PI
ICMR Biohybrid antisense PNA-graphene QDs targeting bcl-2 gene for cancer theranostic. Rs 40.0 Lacs 2020-2023 Dr. Gurpal Singh, PI and Drs. Ravi P Barnwal and Dikshi Gupta, Co-PI
ICMR To understand the interplay of insulin-glutamate signaling pathways in Alzheimer Disease, Diabetes and Obesity. Rs 37.0 Lacs 2020-2023 Dr. Neha Singla, PI and Drs. Ravi P Barnwal and Gurpal Singh, Co-PI
DST-UT Designing of one step detection kit for the pesticides. Rs 1.5 Lacs 2020-2021 Dr. Neha Singla, PI and Drs. Gurpal Singh and Ravi P Barnwal, Co-PI
SERB-VRITIKA VRITIKA in BIOPHYSICS: Interdisciplinary research and much more, do not miss the boat. Rs 1.5 Lacs 2021-2022 Dr. Ravi P Barnwal, PI (on behalf of Biophysics Department)
ICMR-RA To investigate metabolic changes in serum and urine using NMR spectroscopy for early detection of lung carcinogenesis. Rs 21.5 Lacs 2020-2023 Dr. Ravi P Barnwal, PI and Dr. Priti Bhardwaj, RA
DBT Identification and Characterization of Downstream Effector Proteins for Gao, the Major Neural G protein in Brain Tissue Rs 61.3 Lacs 2020-2023 Dr. Santosh Kumar, PI, Drs Ravi P Barnwal, Gurpal Singh and Bharat Bajaj Co-PI
DHR-YSS To investigate metabolic changes in serum and urine using NMR spectroscopy for early detection of lung carcinogenesis. Approved 2021-2024 Dr. Ravi P Barnwal, PI, Dr. Gurpal Singh, Co-PI and Dr. Hema KA, YSS
DST-UT Study to understand the modulation of Mitogen-activated protein Kinases (MAPK5) by Fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum) upon Bisphenol- A induced testicular damage Rs. 1.5 Lacs 2020-2021 Dr. Sarvnarinder Kaur PI, Dr. Ashwani Koul, Co-PI.
UGC-FRBS Essential role of Cox-2 dependent inflammatory pathways in resolution of experimental colitis by selenium Rs. 6 lacs 2015-2017 Dr. Naveen Kaushal (PI)
UGC-FRBS Studies on Selenium-mediated redox regulation of resolution pathways in experimental colitis Rs. 26.81 lacs 2015-2018 Dr. Naveen Kaushal (PI)
SERB Evaluation of Therapeutic potential of human alpha defesin against colorectal carcinogenesis Rs.30 lacs 2015-2018 Dr. Simran Preet (PI)
DST-INSPIRE Chronic inflammation induced colon cancer and its chemoprevention by celecoxib Rs. 13.4 lacs 2011-2015 Prof. S.N.Sanyal, PI and Shruti Setia, SRF
ICMR-RA Metal complexation of metallothionein and glutathione to understand the role of Zn in condition of As toxicity Rs. 7.02 lacs 2013-2015 Prof. M.L. Garg, PI and Dr. B. Mohanty, RA
UGC DAE Characterization of MT isolated from Arsenic treated rats for toxicity and sensor applications 7.5 lacs 2014-2017 Prof. M.L.Garg, PI , Prof. M.P.Bansal CI and Ms. Rajbinder Kaur,RF
DST INSPIRE Neuroprotective potentials of NADPH oxidase inhibitor on neuronal deficits. Following transient global ischemia in Rats. Rs. 11.3 lacs 2013-2018 Prof. Bimla Nehru, PI and Monika Kapoor, JRF
UGC-NET (JRF) Studies on the modulation of amyloid-beta aggregation in the patnophysiology of Alzheimer’s disease Rs. 10.0 lacs 2012-2017 Prof. Bimla Nehru, PI, Dr. Avneet Saini, CI and Sheetal Sharma, JRF
University Research Fellowship Studies on the neuro modulatory potential of Ginko Biloba in the patnophysiology of Aluminium Induced Alzheimer’s disease Rs. 3.84 lacs 2013-2016 Prof. Bimla Nehru, PI, Sonia Verma, JRF
UGC-DSKPDF Comparison of the Efficacy of white tea and pure EGCG (active compound) against benzo (a) pyrene (BaP) induced lung adenoma in animal model Rs. 21.3 lacs 2015-2018 Prof. D. K. Dhawan, PI, Dr. Sunil Kumar Dhatwalia, PDF
ICMR-SRF Cytokine gene expression in North Indian Patients with colorectal cancer Rs. 10.0 lacs 2012-2015 Prof. D.K.Dhawan, PI , Prof. S.V.Rana, CI and Ram Rattan Negi, SRF
ICMR-JRF Role of gut microbiota and gluten peptides in pathogenesis of celiac disease Rs. 10.0 lacs 2013-2016 Prof. D. K. Dhawan, PI, Prof. S.K. Bhadada, CI and Atul M Chander, JRF
ICMR-SRF Expression of osteoblast cell markers in vitro under the influence of zolendronic acid and hPTHr (1-34 amino acids) in Osteogenesis imperfecta Rs. 10.0 lacs 2015-2017 Prof. S.K. Bhadada, CI , Prof. D. K. Dhawan, PI and Vandana ,SRF
ICMR-SRF Role of Ferula asafoetida in chemoprevention of 1,2-Dimethylhydrazine (DMH) induced colon carcinogenesis in rats. Rs. 10.0 lacs 2011-2014 Prof. D.K.Dhawan, PI , Prof. S.V. Rana, CI and Rupali Panwar, SRF
UGC-BRS Understanding the role of Boswellic acid in regulating the molecular events leading to Benzo(a)pyrene induced lung carcinogenesis Rs.13.6 lacs 2015-2020 Prof. D.K.Dhawan, PI , Prof. M.L.Garg, CI and Preeti Bhardwaj, RF
UGC-BRS Deciphering differential potential of various cerebral cortex regions towards calcification and its mechanism Rs.13.6 lacs 2015-2020 Dr. Tanzeer Kaur, PI, Prof. D.K.Dhawan, CI and Ankita Bhardwaj, RF
UGC-RGNF Evaluation of the radioprotective role of Aloe vera against X-ray induced alterations Rs 11. 3 lacs 2012-2017 Prof. Ashwani Koul, PI, Prof. M.L.Garg, CI and Shashi Bala, JRF
UGC-NET (JRF) Studies to unravel the modulatory effect of silibinin on DMBA/TPA induced two stage skin cancer model Rs. 12.9 lacs 2012-2017 Prof. Ashwani Koul, PI, Prof. M.L.Garg, CI and Jasmine Sati, JRF
University Research Fellowship Phytomodulation of Benzo(a)pylene induced pulmonary careinogensis by Tinospara cordifolia in rodent model mice Rs. 9.20 lacs 2015-2018 Prof. Ashwani Koul, PI, Vandana Mohan, JRF
INSPIRE DST Mechanistic studies on lycopene mediated chemoprevention of N-nitrosodiethylamine induced hepatocarcinogenesis: assessment of physiological and molecular markers Rs. 11.3 lacs 2011-2016 Prof. Ashwani Koul, PI , Prof. Baljinder, CI and Nisha Bhatia, JRF
SERB Role of calnexin in hyperoxaluria induced oxidative imbalance in renal tissue Rs. 14.4 lacs 2012-2015 Dr. Tanzeer Kaur, PI, Rishi Bhardwaj, RF
UGC-BRS Effect of phytochemicals on DMH induced colorectal cancer Rs. 13.6 lacs 2015-2010 Dr. Pavitra Ranawat, PI, Prof. Ashwani Koul, CI and Yasmeen, RF

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