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Research Scholars

S.No.Research ScholarTitle of ThesisFunding AgenciesEnrollment Date
1M.BaskarConformation Aggregation and folding of Oligoglutamines in relevance to Huntington's Disease: A Molecular Modelling study-14.03.2005
2Radhika Designing & computational study of Antibiofouling, Polymers based on Peptides/PeptoidsCSIR, SRF19.01.2007
3Sarvnarinder KaurStudies on Heat induced hypoxia, oxidative stress and apoptosis in mice testes : Modulation by antioxidants -09.04.2008
4Sanjay BharatiPhytomodulatory effects of Azadirachta indica aqueous leaf extract on N-Nitrosodiethyl amine induced hepatic tumorigenesisUGC10.08.2009
5Neha Studies to evaluate the role of zinc during aluminium induced neurotoxicityDST27.08.2009
6Pardeep KumarDevelopment of Radio- Labeled Anti-Cancer Agents for the early detection of cancer and for the accurate evaluation of treatment responseICMR27.08.2009
7Payal BhardwajModulatory effects of zinc on ovariectomized induced bone loss : Biochemical and Biophysical StudiesICMR27.08.2009
8Manpreet Kaur SainiChemoprevention of Colon Cancer by Piroxicem a traditional non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drug and C-phycocyanin, a cyano-bacterium derived Cycloxygenase-2 inhibitorICMR(SRF)04.11.2009
9Renuka GangerZinc-Metallothionien Fractionation, its odulatory Role in Arsenic Supplementated Male Rats and Possible Application as BiosensorRGNF09.11.2009
10Honit PiplaniStudy on the Chemopreventive response of Dolastatin, A Mollusc linear peptide and celecoxib, A Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor in colon cancerDBT17.11.2009
11Neha Sharmastudy on the neuroinflammatory mechanisms in pathogenesis of lipopolysaccharide induced parkinson's disease modelUGC10.03.2010
12Neha NandaEvaluation of effectiveness of curcumin in enhancing chemo- therapeutic response of doxy-cycline by modulation of mi-RNA expression and Apoptotic machinery during DMH inducedColon CarcinogenesisICMR-JRF30.03.2010
13Poonam ThakurUnravelling the molecular pathogenesis of PD : role of heat shock proteins and oxidative stressDST05.04.2010
14Prachi GuptaStudies on chemopreventive potential of lycopene in N- Nitrosodiethylamine induced hepatic carcinogenesis in Mice.UGC06.04.2010
15Roobee GarlaSpectroscopic and Computational studies of Metallothionein binding with Arsenic and ZincUGC07.04.2010
16Chandan RanaDown regulation of telomerase and Cyclooxygenase by Diclofenac and curcumin in chemoprevention of colon cancerDAE-BRNS19.04.2010
17Sukhwinder KaurMechanistic Studies On Trimethyltin Induced Neuronal Damage In Rat Brain: Neuromodulatory Potentials Of Ginkgo Biloba and GabapentinUGC6.10.2010
18Deepika BaggaNeural substrates of cognitive deficits in alcohol dependents : A Multiparametric MR approach CSIR-JRF28.02.2011
19Harleen KhuranaSynthesis, charectorization and Biological evaluation of novel synthetic peptide based potential Radio-Protective and tumor imaging agents-01.04.2011
20Nisha BhatiaModulatory effect of lycopene on hepatic carcinogeneis in murine modelDST INSPIRE25.08.2011
21Jasmine SatiMechanistic & structural studies on the role of silibinin in a murine skin cancer modelUGC07.09.2011
22Narinder KaurSpectroscopic and computational studies on the interaction of metal-ions with GSHUGC09.11.2011
23Sunil KoundalStudy of High Altitude induced Metabolic and Structural changes in Rat model using MR imaging & NMR SpectroscopyCSIR-JRF08.12.2011
24SarikaTherapeutic Efficacy and Personalized Dosimentry of [153] Sm-EDTMP and [177] Lu-EDTMP Targeted Radionuclide Therapy in Patients with Bone Metastases-06.01.2012
25Mohd. ShafiqueIn-silico studies of the conformational changes and aggregation of polyalanine peptides in relevance to occulo phyrangeal moscular : Dystro-phy and designing of inhibitionsCSIR10.02.2012
26Rupali PanwarRole of Ferula Asafoetide in chemoprevention of 112-Dimethyl hydrazine (DMH) induced colon carcinogenesis in ratsICMR13.03.2012
27Shruti SetiaChronic inflammation associated colon cancer & its chemoprevention by celecoxib,a Cox-2 inhibitorDST INSPIRE18.03.2012
28VandanaMolecular and Functional characterization of spectrum of mutations in Type I Collagen gene (COLIA1 and COLIA2) gene from Osteogensis imperfecta patients: Diagnostic and genetic implications"ICMR08.05.2012
29Shashi BalaDoes Aloe Vera ameliorate radiation induced cellular damage and oxidative stress in rodentsRGNF20.06.2012

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