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Research Scholars

S.No.Research ScholarTitle of ThesisFunding AgenciesEnrollment Date
1Shashi BalaDoes Aloe Vera ameliorate radiation induced cellular damage and oxidative stress in rodentsRGNF20/06/2012
2VandanaMolecular and Functional characterization of spectrum of mutations in Type I Collagen gene (COLIA1 and COLIA2) gene from Osteogensis imperfecta patients: Diagnostic and genetic implications"ICMR08/05/2012
3Shruti SetiaChronic inflammation associated colon cancer & its chemoprevention by celecoxib,a Cox-2 inhibitorDST INSPIRE18/03/2012
4Rupali PanwarRole of Ferula Asafoetide in chemoprevention of 112-Dimethyl hydrazine (DMH) induced colon carcinogenesis in ratsICMR13/03/2012
5Mohd. ShafiqueIn-silico studies of the conformational changes and aggregation of polyalanine peptides in relevance to occulo phyrangeal moscular : Dystro-phy and designing of inhibitionsCSIR10/02/2012
6SarikaTherapeutic Efficacy and Personalized Dosimentry of [153] Sm-EDTMP and [177] Lu-EDTMP Targeted Radionuclide Therapy in Patients with Bone Metastases-06/01/2012
7Sunil KoundalStudy of High Altitude induced Metabolic and Structural changes in Rat model using MR imaging & NMR SpectroscopyCSIR-JRF08/12/2011
8Narinder KaurSpectroscopic and computational studies on the interaction of metal-ions with GSHUGC09/11/2011
9Jasmine SatiMechanistic & structural studies on the role of silibinin in a murine skin cancer modelUGC07/09/2011
10Nisha BhatiaModulatory effect of lycopene on hepatic carcinogeneis in murine modelDST INSPIRE25/08/2011
11Harleen KhuranaSynthesis, charectorization and Biological evaluation of novel synthetic peptide based potential Radio-Protective and tumor imaging agents-01/04/2011
12Deepika BaggaNeural substrates of cognitive deficits in alcohol dependents : A Multiparametric MR approach CSIR-JRF28/02/2011
13Sukhwinder KaurMechanistic Studies On Trimethyltin Induced Neuronal Damage In Rat Brain: Neuromodulatory Potentials Of Ginkgo Biloba and GabapentinUGC06/10/2010
14Chandan RanaDown regulation of telomerase and Cyclooxygenase by Diclofenac and curcumin in chemoprevention of colon cancerDAE-BRNS19/04/2010
15Roobee GarlaSpectroscopic and Computational studies of Metallothionein binding with Arsenic and ZincUGC07/04/2010
16Prachi GuptaStudies on chemopreventive potential of lycopene in N- Nitrosodiethylamine induced hepatic carcinogenesis in Mice.UGC06/04/2010
17Poonam ThakurUnravelling the molecular pathogenesis of PD : role of heat shock proteins and oxidative stressDST05/04/2010
18Neha NandaEvaluation of effectiveness of curcumin in enhancing chemo- therapeutic response of doxy-cycline by modulation of mi-RNA expression and Apoptotic machinery during DMH inducedColon CarcinogenesisICMR-JRF30/03/2010
19Neha Sharmastudy on the neuroinflammatory mechanisms in pathogenesis of lipopolysaccharide induced parkinson's disease modelUGC10/03/2010
20Honit PiplaniStudy on the Chemopreventive response of Dolastatin, A Mollusc linear peptide and celecoxib, A Cyclooxygenase-2 inhibitor in colon cancerDBT17/11/2009
21Renuka GangerZinc-Metallothionien Fractionation, its odulatory Role in Arsenic Supplementated Male Rats and Possible Application as BiosensorRGNF09/11/2009
22Manpreet Kaur SainiChemoprevention of Colon Cancer by Piroxicem a traditional non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drug and C-phycocyanin, a cyano-bacterium derived Cycloxygenase-2 inhibitorICMR(SRF)04/11/2009
23Neha Studies to evaluate the role of zinc during aluminium induced neurotoxicityDST27/08/2009
24Pardeep KumarDevelopment of Radio- Labeled Anti-Cancer Agents for the early detection of cancer and for the accurate evaluation of treatment responseICMR27/08/2009
25Payal BhardwajModulatory effects of zinc on ovariectomized induced bone loss : Biochemical and Biophysical StudiesICMR27/08/2009
26Sanjay BharatiPhytomodulatory effects of Azadirachta indica aqueous leaf extract on N-Nitrosodiethyl amine induced hepatic tumorigenesisUGC10/08/2009
27Sarvnarinder KaurStudies on Heat induced hypoxia, oxidative stress and apoptosis in mice testes : Modulation by antioxidants -09/04/2008
28Radhika Designing & computational study of Antibiofouling, Polymers based on Peptides/PeptoidsCSIR, SRF19/01/2007
29M.BaskarConformation Aggregation and folding of Oligoglutamines in relevance to Huntington's Disease: A Molecular Modelling study-14/03/2005

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